IDPCC Steering Committee 2017-18


Corrina Vali


Hey! My name is Corrina and I'm the Chair of this year's IDPCC. As an Honours International Development student, I am really interested in development policy, economics and population dynamics. We decided to start this initiative because we felt that there was a lack of opportunities for students interested in policymaking to apply the theory learnt in our classes. The policy workshop, and two rounds of the competition will give students the skills and experience required for jobs in government, think tanks, the UN and other NGOs. Don't miss this golden opportunity, register now! 

Also, I identify most with Rory from Gilmore Girls! 


Lily Payton

VP Research

Hey guys, it's Lily here! I'm a DC native with a double major in International Development and Political Science. I'm the VP Research for IDPCC which means I'll be making your case! Watch out for some tricks. I can't wait to see the great things IDPCC will do in this year and in the future! I got involved with IDPCC because I think the next generation of international development leaders have to be problem-solvers and that's what a case competition does; it practices solving real-life, applicable problems.

I identify most with JackJack from the Incredibles because 1) I'm young, wild and free and 2) I would love to turn into a ball of fire. 


Milan Singh-Cheema

VP Internal

Hi, my name is Milan and I am the VP Internal for this years IDPCC. I am a U2 International Development major with a minor in Economics, and therefore have an immense interest in the field of food security and how it pertains to development. When not doing school or IDPCC related activities I enjoy going to the gym, reading, and watching Game of Thrones (I definitely identify most with Jon Snow). I got involved with IDPCC due to my interest in development policy and my personal aspirations to become a policymaker one day. I believe IDPCC is great way to get involved for anyone looking for valuable experience in international development policy!


Stephanie Fernandes

VP Sponsorship

Bonjourhi, I’m Steph and I am very excited to serve as VP Sponsorship! I am a U2 student majoring International Development Studies (Stream 1, Economic Development and Living Standards), also double minoring in social entrepreneurship as well as gender, sexuality, feminist, and social justice studies (a bit of a mouthful, I know). For the IDPCC, I am responsible for creating budgets, finding potential sponsors and donors as well as other means of fundraising. As someone who intends on pursuing a career in human rights and policy making, I believe that the IDPCC is an incredible opportunity for students to work with experts in the field of development policy and food security to grapple with these issues and come up with innovative policy solutions.

TV character I most identify with: Sam from Freaks and Geeks!


Charlene Wang

VP Research

Hi! My name is Charlene and I'm one of two VP Research’s for this year's IDPCC. As an Honours Economics student with a Minor in IDS, I have a strong interest in development economics, and I am thrilled to bring that passion to our event. This year, the research team has been working hard to bring a compelling and relevant case to the IDPCC. I’m looking forward to letting our participants get their hands on the case, as well as seeing students of all backgrounds collaborate in the development of innovative policy solutions.

TV Character I most identify with: Daria