IDPCC 2018-2019


International Development Policy Case Competition

The International Development Policy Case Competition is McGill’s first interdisciplinary policy-building case competition that focuses on development issues. Students from all faculties are welcome to join and work together in effort to solve each year’s policy issue. We also welcome students’ from other universities to try out!

This year’s topic is the Refugee Crisis, giving contestants the opportunity to focus on various countries from around the world, as well as the opportunity to pick and choose their own response structures. Contestants chose between 5 available countries; Sudan, Syria, Myanmar, Venezuela and Libya - and presented their initial, brief responses to the varying issues experienced by their respective cases during our first round and their more in-depth policy suggestions in the final round on March 23rd.

Congratulations to the winners of the year’s IDPCC: Elina Lugbull, Alice Sécheresse and Clara Le Cannellier!

IDPCC 2017-2018

Last year a number of teams came together to present policy proposals on Food Insecurity in Nigeria. After witnessing a great understanding of the challenges caused by this major development issue, an incredible team of judges had the difficult job of selecting the winning team: Anais Bertoluci Perez, Leonie Borel, Elisa Vallette, Tali Zukercman.

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