Chrysalis, the IDSSA’s academic print journal, displays the best work written by students on development. Students can get involved by submitting work for publication, or working as a member of the Chrysalis Editorial Board! 

Check out Chrysalis Spring 2019 to read the following articles submitted by McGill IDS students:

“Disasters as Opportunities: The Disaster Capitalism Pitfalls” by Weeam Ben Rejeb

“The Victims, the Villains, the Voiceless: An Examination of the British Media’s Shifting Representation of Refugees during the 2015 Refugee Crisis” by Olivia Bizot

“China and the North Korean Refugee Crisis: State Sovereignty and the Dangers of ‘Strategic Ambivalence’” by Suzanne Bonfils

“Refugee Economies, Child Labour, and the State” by Dilse Kaygisiz”

“Mothers of the World: The Politics of Transnational Female Childcare Provider Immigration” by Marie Lemieux

“An Analysis of UNRWA’s Policy and Practice Concerning Palestinian Refugees” by Naomi Santesteban

“Making America Afraid Again: The Criminalization and Securitization of Migration in Post-9/11 America” by Alanna Sereboff

“Women’s Social Movements in West Africa: What Makes a Success Story?” by Emma Sitland

"The Decline of Manufacturing as a Proportion of GDP in South Africa, Contextualized and Explained” by Hilliard Wolfe

Butterfly (2004) and Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Collective Movements” by Xiying Xu

Author Interviews

This year, the Catalyst team contacted Chrysalis authors to learn more about them and what inspired their incredible articles. Click on the images below to learn more about the authors featured in Chrysalis Spring 2019 and to watch their “minute thesis videos” where they outline the main parts of their article.