An International Development Studies Degree requires that students complete 15 credits in one of four streams. However, which stream you decide to follow does not influence what credentials you have at the end of your degree, nor is your stream listed on your degree. The four streams are simply there to guide your class selection and to make sure that you have a focus in your studies.

International Development is a multi-disciplinary program, which means that it mainly consists of classes in a wide array of departments, such as geography, sociology, economics and political science. In order to make the most of your time at McGill, take the stream that has the classes that most interest you, because all four streams lead to the same diploma! 

For further details on the classes available for each of the four streams, consult the ISID website at this link. For a student’s perspective on each of the four streams or to get in contact with an upper year IDS student in the stream you are considering, contact the IDSSA at!

Stream One

Economic Development and Living Standards focuses on the global economy, economic growth and the distribution of resources. This stream is perfect for people who wish to focus on sustainable development, reducing income gaps and many other aspects of the economic side of development.

Stream Two

States and Governance focuses on political institutions and regimes, and how they help or hinder developmental processes. This stream is perfect for people that enjoy political science and want to study what makes an effective and positive state. 

Stream Three

Culture and Society focuses on social structures and how culture affects developmental processes. This stream is perfect for you if you’d like to immerse yourself in discourse on race, class, gender, religion and ethnicity. 


Stream Four

Environment and Agricultural Resources focuses on the environment and how it is a vital determinant of development. This stream is perfect if you want to study how the environment can be utilized to promote human well-being, but also how it must be respected in order to have sustainable development. 

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